Storytelling · 19. November 2021
The vintage treasures hiding in the home -and the heart- of a spectacular woman!

Viewpoint · 10. November 2019
Signs, symbols, emblems. The power of symbolism remains in the eye of the beholder.

Tutorial · 29. September 2019
A Tale of two Cities? Sure, but which ones? It may not be London, Paris, and the French revolution, but Dubai, Zürich, and Fashion revolution! At least that would be a good start in unravelling the mysteries behind this necklace's origins.

Storytelling · 22. September 2019
Water nymphs, what's the story with these mysterious mythical creatures? Mothers of Gods and worshipped deities themselves, heroines of countless Greek myths, both feared and adored, part villain -part saint, objects of desire, lust, passion, and drama, drama, drama!

Terminology · 15. September 2019
What means reclaimed ? A brief explanation, and an awesome makeover example, with a step-by-step photo tutorial.

Intro · 14. September 2019
Welcome to my first blog! As I am often asked about the meaning of the terms I use to describe my jewelry, their elements, or production process, I found it fit to start a little blog, where I can explain and de-mystify them. So if you have been losing any sleep regarding what "re-claimed" is, or what the actual difference between "up-cycled" and "re-cycled" is, or what the meanings of "vintage", "re-fashioned", "pre-loved", "de-constructed" are, then get ready to be enlightened and regain your...

About WaterNymph

WaterNymph originated from a strong passion for art, beauty and style; a need for individuality and self expression, combined with an equally strong environmental consciousness. 

Travel finds, vintage treasures, family heirlooms, and reclaimed elements, come together through various forms of arts and crafts; beading, sewing, painting, weaving, crocheting, knitting, and sculpting are all incorporated in the making of this eclectic collection. 

Each piece is passionately handcrafted, unique, and carries a little piece of history. Be it through aged leathers, vintage textiles, or reclaimed beads, WaterNymph jewelry, accessories, and re-Couture,  offer both a high aesthetic, and an eco-friendly indulgence to those who appreciate slow fashion and bold statements.