When you need to match the right accessories to the right outfit, or take your fabric inspiration to the next level.

For a special function or a personalised gift.

Drop a line, send a picture, share an idea, and let's create together a customised product specific to your needs.

A custom necklace & bracelet set to match this unique jacket.

Bought in South Africa over a decade ago, and a firm favourite,  the owner wished to match the textile and style for an upcoming holiday trip back to Africa.

Another example of textile inspiration, that resulted in a perfectly matching outfit, as per request.


When you cannot find the perfect present for a loved one, why not have one designed? What better than a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, conceived and realised for the individual.  All it takes is some good tips to get WaterNymph's creative juices flowing!

A "Trachtenlook" set, requested as a birthday gift to a lovely German lady, with a soft spot for Oktoberfest and the color blue!

Vintage brass elements and antique gold lace, give an old world charm to this delicate necklace. Gifted as a special accessory to compliment a gown for the Vienna Opera Ball.

Reclaimed vintage stones, jute, Balinese coconut shells, seashells, wood and brass beads, come together in this bohemian creation, designed for a woman with a preference to neutral tones and natural elements.


Do you own an old piece of jewelry that just doesn't seem relevant anymore? A bracelet with beautiful beads, which is however not quite your taste? A necklace passed on to you by a close relative, high in sentimental value but low in the style stakes?

Is there an interesting find you would like to turn into a wearable piece of art? Or is your favorite accessory broken or damaged? 

Nothing should be sitting in our drawers wasting away, and most definitely none of these accessories should be piling up in landfills. There is beauty and use in everything we own. Reclaim, reconstruct, refashion!

Together we can breathe some new life into these old jewelry pieces.


Below is a recent example of repair work turned into a new creation. These three pieces of filigree metal were part of a necklace, which got damaged in a suitcase en route to Canada. As the necklace was ultimately rich and heavy enough without them, two completely new items were created post repair. A new, lighter necklace, combined with black vintage elements, and a matching macramé accented bracelet. The boho-oriental flair of these new pieces set them apart from the original, giving the owner two more wardrobe options, and the broken metal was not wasted or thrown away. 

About WaterNymph

WaterNymph originated from a strong passion for art, beauty and style; a need for individuality and self expression, combined with an equally strong environmental consciousness. 

Travel finds, vintage treasures, family heirlooms, and reclaimed elements, come together through various forms of arts and crafts; beading, sewing, painting, weaving, crocheting, knitting, and sculpting are all incorporated in the making of this eclectic collection. 

Each piece is passionately handcrafted, unique, and carries a little piece of history. Be it through aged leathers, vintage textiles, or reclaimed beads, WaterNymph jewelry, accessories, and re-Couture,  offer both a high aesthetic, and an eco-friendly indulgence to those who appreciate slow fashion and bold statements.